Deep Cleaning Shampoo
Deep Cleaning Shampoo
Deep Cleaning Shampoo
Deep Cleaning Shampoo
Deep Cleaning Shampoo

Deep Cleaning Shampoo

Deep Cleaning Shampoo

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Specially uses soapberry extract and APG green surfactant system to effectively clean and maintain the elasticity of pet skin.

After cleaning the fur skin will be clean and moist and never dried or damaged.

It works synergistically with the patented ingredient gentian root extract to strengthen the skin barrier and reduce fur damage.

It is recommended to use it with a foaming machine when you prepare for attending a competition with your pets. The foam will be fine and dense to achieve the best results.

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Water, APG Surfactant, SAPINDUS MUKOROSSI Extract, Hydrolyzed keratin, Panthenol, GENTIANA SCABRA ROOT EXTRACT, Phellodendron Amurense Bark Extract, GALLA RHOIS EXTRACT, CNIDIUM MONIERI Seed Extract, SOPHORA ANGUSTIFOLIA ROOT EXTRACT, Chamomile (CHRYSANTHELLUM INDICUM) Extract, CENTELLA ASIATICA ROOT EXTRACT, Licorice (GLYCYRRHIZA URALENSIS) Root Extract, Cactus Flower Extract, Complex Amino Acids

Preparation method, usage and plant extraction device for gentian anti-irritant factor ZL201710183506.4
Preparation method and application for cactus flower extract ZL201811541253.4

According to the weight of your pet and the amount of hair to take appropriate volume of this lotion and mix it with enough water to make foam. Apply it evenly and massage it all over your pet's body. Wait for the mixed lotion to be fully effected. Rinse with water.