We do our best to bring you and your fur babies a green, organic, safe and environmentally friendly life.

In 2018 the founder of Petoy Story, Ranboo who is an famous rescuer for stray animals in China founded this brand and tried to bring a new concept of raising pets to all over the world. Among those thousands of survived stray animals she made an important conclusion that to provide a really healthy life to the fur babies is not easy especially for those families who have more than one or multiple pets.

Because we all know a lot of factors will lead or change the health status of our animals. Not only the nutrition from daily food but also the skin or health care does. The living environment as well as the safety precaution etc.

Thus it means not everything of pet supplies is suit to our animals. For example to avoid any allergic usually it is recommended to do the grooming by some organic herbal or plant ingredients based shampoo and eye stain remover. Also in order to reduce the harmful substance we have to choose the cat trees beddings or furniture with good quality materials. At the same time the safety of animals at home needs to be taken care and protected when we leave home usually.

To uphold the concepts vision and mission of brands during the years we only pay attention to developing the green organic safe and environmentally friendly products and cooperate with some other top brands or manufacturers such as the ones who hold GMP workshops. Now we especially focus on the nature herbal health care or the grooming products as well as developing some smart products which can take care of the safety of the fur babies.

Last but not least charity is the root of Petoy Story. We promise to ongoing dedicate us for stray animal rescuing for long term.

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