Fluffy & Soft Shampoo
Fluffy & Soft Shampoo
Fluffy & Soft Shampoo
Fluffy & Soft Shampoo
Fluffy & Soft Shampoo

Fluffy & Soft Shampoo

Fluffy & Soft Shampoo

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This is the shampoo product from Fluffy and Soft series. Suitable for pets whose hair is prone to become soft and tangled.

Use APG green surfactant system, Rich and delicate foam, gentle on your pet’s hair.

After washing, the hair feels refreshed, fluffy and as dense as clouds, Extract a variety of pure natural plant ingredients and biological factors. Create three-dimensional moisture locking and moisturizing power, Soothes the fur and improves the fur barrier. Specially added hydrolyzed keratin and D-panthenol ingredients to deeply expand hair and repair damaged hair flow in multiple ways.

Soft and fluffy, preventing knotting, Effectively controls oil, making your pet’s hair fresh and smooth.

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Water, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Hydrolyzed Royal Jelly Protein, Soluble Proteoglycan, Panthenol, Sunflower Extract, Glyceryl Phosphoinositide Choline Salt, PHELLODENDRON AMURENSE Bark Extract, GALLA RHOIS Extract, CNIDIUM MONNIERI Seed Extract, SOPHORA ANGUSTIFOLIA Root Extract, CHRYSANTHELLUM INDICUM Extract, CENTELLA ASIATICA Root Extract, GLYCYRRHIZA URALENSIS Root Extract, Compound Amino Acids.

External application for skin care combination with 3D hydration and moisturizing effects and its preparation method ZL201410037363.2
Preparation method and application for sunflower extract with soothing and repairing effects ZL201811541249.8

According to the weight of your pet and the amount of hair to take appropriate volume of this lotion and mix it with enough water to make foam. Apply it evenly and massage it all over your pet's body. Wait for the mixed lotion to be fully affected. Rinse with water.