Luxurious Premium Conditioner
Luxurious Premium Conditioner

Luxurious Premium Conditioner

Luxurious Premium Conditioner

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This is the conditioner product from Luxurious Premium series. Suitable for pets with extremely high requirements for hair care.

The special fragrance of the luxury care series comes from Givaudan which is a supplier of luxury perfume brands. Selects fresh and elegant plant, flower and fruit fragrance which are not pungent. Extract essence from natural plants. Pet-friendly, providing our pets with the most intoxicating fragrance journey in the bathing.

Maintains your pet’s hair while cleaning, Using dual amino acid surfactant formula, Mild PH value, no harmful to hair. Added active ingredients extracted from soapberry and rare plants. Can effectively nourish and repair damaged hair. Keep your pet’s fur in good health.

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Water, Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Squalane, SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS Seed Oil, ARGANIA SPINOSA Kernel Oil, OLEA EUROPAEA Oil, ASTRAGALUS MEMBRANACEUS Root Extract, Saposhnikovia (SAPOSHNIKOVIA DIVARICATA) Root Extract, Calendula (CALENDULA OFFICINALIS) Flower Extract, Albizia Julibrissin (ALBIZIA JULIBRISSIN) Flower Extract, Gastrodia Elata (GASTRODIA ELATA) Root Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Complex Amino Acids

A traditional Chinese medicinal plant composition and its preparation method and application ZL201611093658.7

According to the weight of your pet and the amount of hair to take appropriate volume of this conditioner. Apply it evenly and massage it all over your pet's body. Wait for the conditioner to be fully effected. Rinse with water.